Since 1992 , Fluidtherm has been established as  an expertise  and a worldwide leading company in thermal  technology  both   design and manufacturing  heat exchanger for food,  cosmetics  or sanitary industrial and  application,  general industrial, petrol chemical and/or chemical and power plant etc..  By year 2015, Fluidtherm  has been acquired by  Kaudy USA  where location is daily, food juice and  food  numerous  in  West Virginia.  Today, Kaudy  now is  supplier who is covering in  three applications   heat  transfer ,  liquid transfer ,  liquid separation  and evaporation ( plate heat exchanger , pump and flow equipment , integration evaporation system.)

Kaudy USA has been focused on manufacturing of sanitary pump, valve tubing and continually invested professionally, researched and developed, and enlarged production capacity in the area of sanitary fluid products. At the present, Kaudy become to famous brand in national industry. The production capacity, level of equipment, degree of specialization, market coverage etc. of the company are the national advance level.


Became a worldwide company who can supply a well-known brand in the sanitary grade fluid product for all kind of fluids with a very good performance.


Alfa Laval is today a world leader within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Our company was founded on a single brilliant invention and innovation remains at the heart of everything we do.

With more than 2500 patents, we provide worldwide solutions in areas that are vital to society both today and for the future.

Energy, Environment and Food

With the vision of creating better everyday conditions for people, Alfa Laval has developed products since 1883. The world is increasingly focused on saving energy and protecting the environment. Alfa Laval is committed to those goals. Our products are involved in treating water, reducing carbon emissions and minimizing water and energy consumption, as well as heating, cooling, separating and transporting food. These areas represent the core of Alfa Laval’s expertise.


Kaudy pump Founded in 1995, the joint venture with Alfa Laval Sweden in 2009 is a well-known brand in the sanitary grade fluid product manufacturing industry in China with a high market share and high-end domestic and overseas markets in a very good performance.


The company has the world’s most advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology, the main production of stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pumps, valves, elbows, tees, the size of the first, by the Ren, clamps, the first manholes, mirrors, pipes and other products, product quality Through the testing and accreditation of TUV, SGS, 3A and other agencies, the products can be produced according to the product standards of all countries in the world such as DIN, ISO, 3A, BPE, SMS, BS, DS, IDF and so on.


As a specialist in thermal technology from worldwide organization since year 1992 now company is becoming a world leading company in thermal heat transfer supplier.

Today ” Kaudy” Plate Heat Exchanger has been developing, designing and manufacturing to meet your need in various industries requiring heat transfer by using

our innovative technology to become leading in plate heat exchanger for food industries and heavily industries



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