Check valve is used in stainless steel pipe system to prevent reverse flow.


Working Principle

  • The valve opens when the pressure below the valve  plug  exceeds  the  pressure  above  the plug plus spring force
  • The valve close when pressure equalization  has been achieved
  • A higher counter pressure will press the valve plug against the seat and makes the valve sclosed



  • Material Contact Parts:304 or 316L
  • Sealing material:EPDM


Connection Style

  • Welded,threaded,clamped,flange
  • To assure the connection and substitution with imported facilities, all the connection styles with pipe or equipment are made to DIN 11850,IDF/ISO,SMS international standard size.


Technical Parameter

Required differential pressures to turn on the valve that fitted in a vertical pipeline are about:

  • Max.Pressure for transfer material:10bar
  • Max.Temperature:140℃(EPDM)
  • Min.Temperature:-10℃