FH100 Series Mix Proof  Valve Characteristics

This valve is used to proof the mix of different material in the pipeline cross.
While the valve is close, the two pipes are  double sealed,the liquid leaking from
one pipe to the other can be eliminated.While the seal is damaged,the leakages will be drained
by the draining chamber.The supplier of lotion to the isolation chamber is connected by a
unique CIP and also the isolation chamber cleaning is indifferen to the valve position.


FH200 Series Double Seals Mix Proof Valve Characteristics

This Valve is used as the mix proof
separation in the pipe system by adopting one
valve disc with two seals tech.This valve is the
economic choice among the double seat valve.
The chamber between the valve disc seals is
connected with two drain valves,by which we can
detect the seal leakage and clean the chamber.


The Advantages Compared With Traditional Design

  • Less components
  • Less space
  • Easier maintenance
  • No dead corner
  • No contact between drain system and products The separation chamber cleaning will not occur any hydraulic-pressure and not influenced by the equipment or valve status.

Technical Parameter

  • Material Press Range:0~8bar
  • Operative Temp.Range:-10℃~+150℃
  • Operative Air Press:6~8bar



  • Material Contact Parts:304 or 316L
  • Sealing material:standard EPDM Silica gel,fluorine gel for option


Surface Treatment

Sandblast Ra≤1.6mm
Sublight Ra≤0.6mm
Inside:polish Ra≤0.6mm


Requirements For Compressed Air Quality That The Executor Needs

  • Compressed air joint:air pipe equiped equips with air adapter R1/8″
  • Max grain size:0.01mm
  • Max oil content:0.08ppm
  • Dew point:below 10℃ or less
  • Max water content:7.5g/kg