Sanitary Self-priming Pump is mainly applicable in the transportation of air-containing material.
It is thus used widely in the suction of materials under such conditions as unstable liquid level,
or even liquid level is lower than the pump inlet. It can also act as return pump in CIP system.
It is the indispensible transporting equipment in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Features and advantages

Adopting the sideway principle outstanding pumping ability perfect sanitary property and cleanability.
Cost effective maintenance low power consumption, low noise.



  1. ABB three phase alternating current motor is adopted. It is produced in compliance
    with IEC60034/IEC60072 standards and CE of EU.
  2. Anti-explosion motor is available to meet requirements on different occasions.
  3. Outstanding electrical properties, low noise, low vibration, standard IP Grade is IP55,
    insulation class is grade F.
  4. Working voltage:
    ≤3Kw,220 ~240V/380 ~420V, Δ/Y
    ˃3Kw, 380 ~420V /660 ~690V, Δ/Y
  5. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  6. Working mode: continuous (SI)
  7. Rotating speed: standard: 1450r/min