KAUDY Vacuum Pump / Compressor

Product Features

  • Wider range of suction pressure. Compared to other double stage pumps (suction pressure 50mbar-150mbarA),KAV pump works in 25mbar ~ 1013mbar pressure, with less energy consumption, with15%-20% lower than traditional ones.
  • All kinds of models to fulfill various process requirements.
  • Materials are optional to make the pump possible to work in various harsh environment, Such as carbon steel, stainless steel, dual-phase steel, titanium, etc.
  • Scope of supply are optional, such as: pump head, pump with suction communicating pipe, separator and liquid pipes, pump aggregate with motor and base frame, complete set of closed cycle system with all auxiliary devices, the system with two or more stages when the inlet pressure is smaller than 33mbar (abs.).
  • Single or double mechanical seal and several flush method. Precise casting, high standard accessories, imported bearing; high efficiency and energy saving.


Kaudy double-stage liquid ring vacuum pump

KAV series two stage liquid ring vacuum pump is our new design based on 2SK pumps and combines USA double-stage pump design criteria. This series has two compression processes, with steady suction speed in high vacuum, or keeping the high vacuum in a wide range of suction speed. Its efficiency in high vacuum is 35%-40% higher than that of single stage pump, but with less energy consumption.


Compare Double-stage Pump with Single-stage Liquid Ring Pump

From the performance curve above we can see that, single stage pump is suitable to work in a condition which do not ask for high vacuum, and its capacity is large; however in relative high vacuum, its capacity declines obviously (it declines rapidly below 200mbar and below 100mbar it is seriously declined), under this condition, the pump efficiency is quite low but cost more energy. However for double stage pump, it has larger capacity in relative high vacuum, and in high vacuum its efficiency is 30%-40% higher than single stage ones and consume less energy. Therefore double stage pump is more suitable than the single one to work in the condition asking for high vacuum and large capacity at the same time.



Vacuum / Compressor System

As a supplement of standard pump/motor single machine equipment, we provide complete pump system, like KAV series. The system includes separator, heat exchanger, pipes etc, this reduces the customer installation period. Water or chemical solvent may be circulated as working liquid to reduce pollution to environment. The pumped medium is to be recycled if it is used as working liquid The closed cycle system is designed according to customer requirements in inlet condition, cooling water, and discharge condition. The main parts of system include: vacuum pumps/compressors, separator, heat exchanger, base plated, pipes, etc.

Customer can decide the pump, accessory machines, instruments, control cabinets for the system according to their demands. Due to vacuum pump/ compressor is suggested according to the different working condition, please give detail information for selection and design of the system. (refer to appendix liquid ring vacuum pump/ compressor/ system technical parameters)