KA Sanitary Centrifugal Pump series is widely used in the transportation of liquid materials in dairy, beer,
beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Features and advantages

KA Sanitary Centrifugal Pump series features single-stage, single suction and open-style impeller.
The casing, impeller and back plate are well designed to reduce resistance, eliminate dead space
and quicken the flow in the pump, thus to improve its overall performance. The open-style impeller
ensures the best cleanability (CIP) and outstanding Sanitary performance. There are still other
advantages such as stability, high efficiency and easy maintenance. Furthermore, Adjustable supporting
legs, any angle that the outlet can be positioned, all these provide convenience of installation and operation.


Technical parameters

Max. inlet pressure:0.5MPa
Temperature range: -10 ºC ~+140ºC(EPDM)
Flushable mechanical seal:
Water pressure: max 0.1MPa
Flow rate: 0.25 ~0.5L/min
Flow rate: 0.25 ~0.5L/min



  1. ABB three phase alternating current motor is mainly adopted. It is produced in compliance with IEC60034/IEC60072 standards and CE of EU.
  2. Anti-explosion motor is available to meet requirements on different occasions.
  3. Outstanding electrical properties, low noise, low vibration, standard IP Grade is IP55, insulation class is grade F.
  4. Working voltage:
    ≤3Kw,220 ~240V/380 ~420V, Δ/Y
    ˃3Kw, 380 ~420V /660 ~690V, Δ/Y
  5. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  6. Working mode: continuous (SI)
  7. Rotating speed: standard: 2900r/min